We know, we know – regular servicing of your boat is simply more time spent off the water. But if you aren’t servicing your boat regularly, then you’re going to experience the same problem as most boat owners in Sydney – less time doing what you love, and more time and money spent on fixing major repairs.


There’s a common acronym associated with boats. B.O.A.T often stands for Bring Out Another Thousand – but regular servicing and maintenance help to avoid this. Regular servicing not only extends the life of your boat but ensures that the big investment you made in its purchase is well spent. Boat servicing should be considered like an investment – time and money spent on it now means less time and money down the line as it reduces the need for unexpected repairs, which could have been prevented earlier.


If your boat is serviced regularly, there’s a whole lot of legal heartache you get to avoid too. Servicing includes looking at safety measures, like fire extinguishers and life jackets, which the Sydney Harbour Authority are always checking out for. Don’t get yourself in hot water and make sure that these simple checks are covered as part of the regular servicing and maintenance of your boat.


Boats that aren’t regularly serviced also more often require an emergency call out, which is exactly what it sounds like – a call out to wherever your boat has broken down (sometimes offshore) and onsite repairs. This service can be expensive for boat owners, which is not what we are about. Regular boat services catch minor issues before they become major ones. Prevention is the best form of intervention.


You wouldn’t let your car go for years at a time without a service, so why would you expect anything different from your boat? Book in for your next marine service with Xtreme Mobile Marine. We offer both a mobile call-out service, where we come to you or you are always welcome to bring your boat into our shopfront at Northbridge Marina. No matter how you get your boat to us, we want to make sure that it’s all ship-shape and in great working order, so you can get back to enjoying life on Sydney Harbour!