GENUINE VS. NON-GENUINE PARTS – Which should you choose?

At Xtreme Mobile Marine, we offer our clients the choice of genuine or non-genuine parts from a range of great suppliers including Mercruiser, Caterpillar and Volvo Penta. The trouble comes for our clients in choosing whether they should go for genuine parts or non-genuine parts, and what the real benefits are on either side. We’ve decided to make it easy for you and give you our best advice on choosing from genuine or non-genuine boat parts.


Cost of genuine vs. non-genuine marine parts

Often, at first glance, clients will choose to go for the non-genuine parts because they are cheaper than the genuine aftermarket parts, and this is mostly because they don’t have the brand name or marketing position attached to them. It can become a question of short-term gain for long-term pain – save money today by purchasing the cheaper part, but often we have seen it come back and clients have to spend again on the genuine marine parts. But should cost be the determining factor in buying the best parts for your boat? Probably not.


Warranty for genuine vs. non-genuine marine parts

Now, it is true that by choosing a non-genuine aftermarket part you don’t always void your warranty – but in some cases, this is still true. For some brands, any warranty or manufacturers guarantee that is still in effect after the purchase of your boat could be impacted by the installation of non-genuine or aftermarket parts – and no one wants that. Most non-genuine parts do offer their own warranty, but it may be less watertight (excuse the pun) than those offered by the big brands like Mercruiser.


Technology of genuine vs. non-genuine marine parts

With the wide range of options available in the marine industry, most of the major brands, including Mercruiser, Caterpillar, Honda and Volvo Penta, offer a range of patented and unique technologies on their parts and systems. By choosing genuine parts you ensure that you are using the same technology throughout your boat and making sure that your new part integrates seamlessly into the rest of the systems on your boat. This is key to keeping you cruising and on the water with no trouble on the horizon.


Quality of genuine vs. non-genuine marine parts

The reality is that the quality of non-genuine or aftermarket parts can vary from brand to brand, but by choosing a genuine part you can be guaranteed that it will be manufactured to the same standard as the rest of your boat – and that’s a good place to start.

Xtreme Mobile Marine have worked with a huge range of suppliers in our history and can recommend the best aftermarket parts, if that’s the path you want to go down, based on our own research and experience with the brand. We have also worked with all the major suppliers in the marine industry and thanks to some great relationships are able to get these great quality, genuine parts for you quickly and install them just as fast.


For us, it’s pretty simple – choose the part you think is best. If you want to retain the integrity of your vessel and maintain any kind of warranty offered by your manufacturer, we recommend choosing a genuine aftermarket solution. If price is a big factor for you or you want a different option, we can help you fit a non-genuine part too.

Because we have over 20 years’ experience working on beautiful boats, from the Sydney Northern Beaches right down to the South Coast and Illawarra, we can recommend the right parts for your boat no matter what brand it is and install them for you quickly and efficiently with minimal downtime for your boat. If you’re keen to get something replaced on your pride and joy sooner rather than later, get in touch via the website and let’s get you your new part quickly and easily!